1. Pets are family.
    1. The HOA recognizes the important place that pets hold in a family. At the same time, there must be enforcement of rules that provide for homeowner safety, environment, and property rights.
  2. Pets at large.
    1. Village regulations require that pets stay within the property of the homeowner. The HOA reserves the right to enforce the full extent of the covenants when  other homeowners’ safety or property is put in jeopardy based on violations of this requirement.
  3. Walking your pet
    1. Pets must be on a leash when off the pet owner’s property.
    2. Clean Up after your pet. Tell all members of your household about this rule. Your neighbors yards or empty lots are not pet toilets. If your pets make a mess,  do the right thing and clean up.
    3. The HOA imposes a fine of P500 per incident where a pet’s mess is left behind.